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5 July 2018

The NHS: It’s a national treasure and we are saying thank you

Our special edition of Community Health magazine, celebrating the NHS at 70, is out now and dedicated to all that makes the NHS what it is.

From the first origins of national healthcare in 1948 to the innovations of 2018 – it’s all covered. Stories in the summer issue include the changing face of public health and the everyday miracles taking place in community hospitals to get people home safely and sooner. Community health has always played a part in the NHS.

The magazine also features our Humans of the NHS project, which celebrates people working at Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust.

The inspiring stories of 70 members of staff featured on our social media channels during the past few weeks in the run-up to the big day – the accompanying booklet can be read here.

Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust (KCHFT) Chief Executive Paul Bentley said: “Today, we celebrate 70 wonderful years of the NHS – without which my life and the lives of millions of people, I am sure, would be unrecognisable.

“As a chief executive, husband to a wife who works in the service, father to a daughter who is a junior doctor and father to a son who is a long-term service user – my life without the NHS is unthinkable. It’s looked after my family at every step.

“It’s enabled me to be the chief executive of an organisation, which last year provided care and support for more than two million people. It does so very well and that is something I am very proud of.’’

You can pick up an issue of Community Health at local supermarkets, GP surgeries and children’s centres, plus you can read it online at

You can read more about Humans of the NHS at