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What is the Council of Governors?

What is the Council of Governors

Our public governors are elected by our members from each of the 12 local authority areas in Kent, plus one from the rest of England. The staff governors are elected by our members of staff from each of the four staff constituencies. We also have governors on the council who are appointed by some of our partner organisations; Kent Police, Kent County Council, voluntary organisations and local universities.

The Council of Governors represents the interests of all members and allows local people, patients, staff and partners to have a say about the development of community services.

Governors can approve the appointment or removal of the Trust’s chairman and non-executive directors, as well as approving the appointment of the chief executive. The Council of Governors is responsible for deciding the remuneration of the chairman and non-executive directors.

The Council of Governors, made up of public, appointed and staff governors, is supported to keep in touch with constituency members. The governors have a wider role representing the public; holding a public service organisation to account on their behalf.